Friday, February 6, 2015

Six Months Later

Hey y'all!

Well, its been a few minutes since I've visited blogtopia. I missed it. Loads. I have months of catch up to play reading up on all my favorite blogs; but I also wanted to update anyone who is curious about my life as of the past 6 months. We will do a little month by month break down:

1. I moved to Texas!
2. I started my first real-life job. And I love it. A LOT.
3. I turned 22!
4. I got my first car!

1. I taught my first class at school!
2. Made lots of friends at work.
3. Played Maid of Honor at my best friend's wedding.
4. Went tailgating for the first time.

1. Went to my first college homecoming (No, it wasn't my school. awks)
2. Batman for Halloween.
3. State Fair of Texas.
4. 1989 by Taylor Swift was released

1. Texas Thanksgiving
2. Mockingjay part 2

1. Matching tattoos with my best friend.
2. Colorado road/ski trip
3. Visited Wisconsin for the first time since graduating
4. I first saw gas for under $2
5. New Years with my girls and Trampled by Turtles!

1. Second semester teaching
2. Road trip back to Texas
3. Got serious about working out (and have lost 6 lbs to date!)
4. Paid to get my hair done for the first time ever!
5. Colorado Bend State Park camping trip

1. Its been 6 days so I've got nothing for you yet!
2. Accepted the position to go back to Camp for a third summer!

It's been a crazy half year since I last blogged, and I have been so incredibly grateful for everything I've done! But of course, I have some goals for 2015

1. Keep up with this weight loss. I've felt better in the past month than I have in the past year.
2. Save up and really start paying off my student loans.
3. Allow myself to be happy without a significant other.

Before I leave, I have one last thing to do. An obvious photo dump. Obviously.

Road trips with the boys!

Colorado Bend State Park

New Years Eve with the bestestes

Best friend tattoos

The Wisconsin Crew

Continental Divide ski time selfie

A perk of the job.

My very first ever tailgate!

The day I fulfilled a promise made 9 years prior.

Astros-Rangers game. (possibly the worst baseball game in history)

Day in the life.

State Fair of Texas!

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Put a Smile On Your Face

And make the world a better place!

Earlier this year I decided to join the world in completing the #100happydays challenge! I began this journey back in March and completed it in June. So here I am, more than 100 days later, and honestly, I don't know if I could say I'm a happier person or if I fell in love during the challenge, but I can tell you this: it wasn't easy.

I try to be an optimistic and upbeat person; and generally, I am. But when you're having a crappy day, it can be hard sometimes to find the good or the happy in it. But I did it. So here it is, I searched and investigated through my instagram and pulled up all my pictures. If you already follow me, sorry you will see reapeats, if not 1. you should follow me, 2. here they are!

After these 100 days, I learned a few things.
1. There's at least one thing that makes you smile every day.
2. I take a lot of selfies
3. often, happiness is the little things.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Accent Challenge

Now that I am back in civilization, I am slowly beginning to fully catch up on everything in blog world, and number one on my agenda was to do the accent challenge. I watched so many videos including Allie's and Amanda's and decided I had to jump on the bandwagon.

So here it is, my addition to the Accent Vlog Challenge. Please excuse my seemingly uninterested demeanor and awkwardness.

Also, thank you YouTube for the incredibly flattering thumbnail!

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

so kiss me and smile for me

As this weekend comes to a close, there is one song that comes to mind (minus the countless camp songs running through my head)

So kiss me and smile for me
Tell me that you'll wait for me
Hold me like you'll never let me go
Cause I'm leaving on a jet plane
Don't know when I'll be back again
Oh babe, I hate to go

If you have read any posts from this summer, you know how much I really and truly do love camp, but this year felt different in terms of leaving. Last summer, I shed tears for my friends that I knew wouldn't return, and even the ones that would, but the fear of missing them and never seeing them again was overwhelming last summer. This summer was different. Although I did shed a massive amount of tears for the amazing friends and co-counselors at the end of the night, I shed tears for my campers this summer.

Throughout the past 7 weeks, I created a bond with a group of 13 year old girls I don't think could ever be replicated.

So here it is, one last photo dump from this summer before I transition into my normal blogging schedule and life!

Day off adventure in Boston

Selfies are a must of nights off

I'm literally obsessed with the Berkshires

13 year old girls LOVE selfies

Like LOVE them

Did I mention they like selfies?

Got paid to go to the Cape Cod Chip Factory

And water parks

And Nauset Beach

The Sub Senior Staff of 2014

It's a tradition to decorate a rock in the camp colors and add them to the rock pile in the campfire area after the candlelight ceremony on banquet night.

My campers are absolutely beautiful


Can they stop growing up?

I'm so lucky to call this guy one of my best friends.

These two have been there since our first day of camp in 2013. I'm so glad I got to spend another summer with them

selfiez for dayz during banquet

Sub Senior Girls and Staff 2014 <3

love this guy

One last selfie on the way to the airport :(
I cannot put into words what this summer did for me in terms of growing and experience and just being all around life changing. The transition back into the real world is one I'm not looking forward to, but I am so grateful I have all these memories to get me through the next 10 months. As the campers say, I'm living 10 for 2.

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Sunday, August 3, 2014

22 to 22

In celebration and countdown to my 22nd birthday, I am giving a list of 22 things I've learned in my 22 years on this beautiful planet. (side note - 22 feels really really old)

22 Things I've Learned In 22 Years:

1. Always trust your heart. Your head tends to get in the way a lot.
2. You will have days where you just can't deal with people, and it's okay.
3. Your best friends will stay no matter what.
4. You are never too old to act like a kid. Jump in that puddle, make a friendship bracelet, color a picture. Stay young.
5. NEVER cut off a friendship bracelet.
6. It's never too late to repair damaged relationships.
7. Forgive.
8. Apologize.
9. Laugh at least 5 minutes every day.
10. Crying is okay.
11. You may think you know someone, but until you stay up all night together, you don't truly know them.
12. Country music is good.
13. Smile.
14. If you're going to be judgmental, keep it to yourself.
15. Be honest. With yourself and others.
16. Exercise.
17. If you borrow someone's care, leave more gas in the tank than you used.
18. If you're sober cab, don't drink.
19. Just because there is an open bar, doesn't mean its all you can drink. Same goes for buffets.
20. Go all out for birthdays.
21. Use your savings account for savings.
22. Treat yourself every once in a while.

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Saturday, August 2, 2014

I love my job!

After graduating college, I questioned sometimes if I chose the right career path and if I would be successful or if I would still love my job 25 years from now. After recently accepting a job in Texas (mind you, that's ACROSS the country from all my friends and families) I really started to second guess my life path. Then I received the reminder I was so desperately searching for that I did indeed chose the correct path.

My first reminder was just last week. As part of my outdoor education program I co-head at camp, we took a camping trip to Mount Greylock State Reservation which is the highest point in not only the Berkshires, but also Massachusetts. 5 staff took 18 kids from 7-13 to do a one night overnight on the top of this beautiful mountain. It was not easy, it was actually quite stressful. Who would have thought 7 and 8 year olds are needy?! But it was flawless and the kids had an amazing time.

My second reminder came just a few days later. I was given an extra night off because my exceptional work with the kids. Just when I thought that I was running out of steam to finish out the last two weeks of camp the way I started them, I got a compliment like this. All the campers also had a meeting with the director and head of girls camp and I was given exceptionally high rankings and endless compliments about my enthusiasm and love for the camp and the campers. That is the greatest reward of all. When you're told you are good at what you love and are making a difference in someone's life; that's the best compliment of all.

With how well the past weeks have been going at camp, I can't wait to start my new adventure in Texas! I know that I've chosen the right path for me and I feel ready to start this new chapter in my life.

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Thursday, July 31, 2014


I've had this post sitting patiently in my drafts folder waiting for the perfect moment to post it. Today seemed a good of time as ever to share my story.
If you've been following my blog for a while, you may know that I love tinder. Like I seriously think it may be one of the greatest apps ever, if not for finding true love or a little bow chicka wow wow  its at least good for a laugh.

So here it is, my tinderella story:

I've been on a few tinder dates in my day, some more promising than others. But this one was different. And I had a feeling it would be from the beginning. We matched while we were both still at college, which is 4 hours away from my hometown. But, his hometown happened to not be that far from me. After graduation, we decided we would meet and give it a shot. I had never been so nervous for a date in my entire life. And when I say nervous I mean pacing up and down the hallway brush my teeth 5 times kind of nervous. I was basically a hot mess.
I had no need to be nervous though, the date was flawless. He was cute, funny, charming, and just as nervous as I was. And I was awkward enough for the both of us (but what else is new?) He brought me home and walked me to the door and said goodnight. This is where I freaked out. He didn't kiss me. 
I walked into the house, sat on the couch and instantly called all my friends freaking out about why he didn't kiss me. I thought the date went so well and that we really hit it off, but no kiss! WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?! was all that was running through my head that night and into the next day.

But, no need to worry, the kiss I was planning for may have never happened, but it didn't put a damper on this relationship. I promised an update on my LDR and here it is. I may have moved across the country for my summer job, putting thousands of miles between us, but I would say it has helped us build a more intellectual and emotional relationship by not having the opportunity of a physical relationship. That doesn't go to say that I'm not excited to be home.. but I do believe that this has made our relationship that much stronger.
So strong in fact that in the fall we are both moving to Texas where I got a new job and he is going to be joining me on this new adventure.

It may be a little unorthodox and maybe I'm just slightly crazy, but this is my tinderella story.
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