Wednesday, February 5, 2014

its going down, I'm yelling ... tinder?

Alright, so here's the deal. I'm obsessed with apps. I love that I can literally hold everything near and dear to me in a single device, my cell phone. I can make vines, I can listen to any song on Spotify, I can Crush Candy, I can sling Angry Birds, I can write reviews on guys like a yelp review via Lulu, AND I can swipe like or nope on every guy in a 100 mile radius of me. It blows my mind.

As an avid app user, I obviously downloaded Tinder the day I heard about it. It all started in Western Massachusetts where my co-counselors and I would use Tinder to meet counselors from other camps. Maybe even get a free drink or two on a night off. (not a bad gig.) I got back to Wisconsin, and Tinder flew into full force. Before I knew it, we were having Tinder parties. My housemates, our friends, and myself would sit in our living room and Tinder. For hours. Tinder became an addiction. Until the small town life finally got the best of us.
possibly the saddest screen to see.

That dreaded message would send us to bordem until finally more men were detected or you FINALLY matched with the cute guy and he messaged you.

Tinder has become the new hot or not leading to awkward encounters, terrible first dates, the random hook ups, and even 52 weddings. It has also lead to countless twitters and tumblrs including one of my favorites #tinderproblems these include those awkward pick up lines, those matches where you think "did I really swipe right on that?!" and the pictures that just make you go "huh..."
Because Tinder is always full of clever conversationalists, promising boyfriends, and numbers you save in your phone such as "tinder slut (insert number here)"
If I am going to be honest with y'all, I've gone on a few tinder dates and even exchanged a few words with some of these "men." While the dates were, in general, nice, cute and sweet, lets just say, they never really ended well. Even after these date experiences, I still find myself on tinder way too often. I rarely talk to any of the poor souls I match with, and I really have no desire to ever meet or talk to half of them, yet there I sit almost every night before bed, swiping left or right, like or nope.

Does anyone else find themselves absolutely fascinated by tinder? or are you obsessed with a different app?


  1. We all love a good Tinder night!

    xo. Kailagh

    1. tinder nights are the best nights if I do say so myself. especially when they're with my best friend! Thanks for stopping by my blog! <3

      xoxo, Amanda