Tuesday, March 18, 2014

workin' on my fitness

So I'll be honest, I've been slipping off the bandwagon. The first week I was working out and feeling great, but it was also spring break. Now that I'm back into the swing of school and work I get to the gym maybe once or twice a week, and I'm starting to get frustrated with myself for being so lax about my body like this.
Hence why my last two posts have been about something other than my weight. (honestly, I haven't even touched the scale because I feel I won't like the number. oops.)
I'm going to keep going on my posts about other fitness related posts and this one is something that I am very passionate about: Thinspiration.
Yes, last week, my post was titled Thinspiration, but I've always viewed it as something very different from what it is becoming, which is a monster that is feeding into the eating disorder culture. 
Recently it was pointed out to me that Pinterest is starting to do something about it, and hopefully other websites will follow. 
this same message pops up with other searches such as "thigh gap"
When you search "thinspiration" on pinterest, its no longer just a bunch of work outs and obscene thigh gaps, there's a message: "Eating disorders are not lifestyle choices, they are mental disorders that if left untreated can cause serious health problems or could even be life-threatening." THANK YOU PINTEREST! 
In my first Tough it out Tuesday, I emphasized that my drive for this was for the love of every bit of my body including my thunder-thighs and back fat. And although I want to make my body healthier, there is a line between healthy and sick. 
I strongly believe that the purest form of "sexy" is confidence. I don't care if you are thin or chunky, short or tall, if you love every part of you and rock it, you've got sexy down. Now, with that said, I will always strongly believe that Queen got it right and Fat Bottom Girls do indeed make the world go 'round. 

One final bit of social commentary for the day:
1. What is the obsession with a thigh gap? you have little chicken legs and a gap that resembles two hot dogs on a double pronged roaster to cook em over the fire.
The ultimate question: Hot Dog or Legs? 
There's only one thigh gap that anyone should ever be after:
2. Just look at this ad from the 50s:

Alright, I'll hop off my soap box now. I guess my message to all of you: you're beautiful and f*** thigh gaps and the acceptance of eating disorders in our society. As for me, I'm going to the gym to get healthy, not to get skinny. 

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  1. For me it's not about just getting skinny, but being healthier than I have before.

    I heard that there is this new thing with people actually getting surgery to get the "thigh gap" it's awful.

  2. You've got this! I found that setting at time every day that I would work out, no matter what has helped. that's not to say that I haven't had to make some changes, but when you know that at 7pm you're going to work out, you are less likely to make other plans and more likely to say you're busy.