Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Tales Of A Twenty Something

So it has officially been one week. And not a very productive week at that. I thought that starting on my spring break would be smart, seeing as I had no homework, no class, no work, and I had nothing to do. But instead I barely made it to the gym and watched a butt-load of Netflix.
With that being said, not every week is going to be a good week, and I need to keep that in mind, so today my Tough it out Tuesday is all about my thinspiration. Which just so happens to be my pinterest work out board....
Today I'm not going to post measurements or weight, because face it, its been one week, there has been no change. Instead, I've got some Jillian Michaels ass kicking motivation!

So here's to hoping this week is better than last week and to keep the motivation train going.

Does anyone else have anything that they use to get themselves to go to the gym or for a run on a more regular basis?

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  1. Let start running together!

    xo. Kailagh

    1. sounds good to me Kailagh! we've got a wedding coming up. gotta look HAWT

  2. Love, LOVE these inspirations! Especially the last Mulan one, hahah. I'm going to pin that on my Pinterest and read it repeatedly! Head up, girl! Like you said, not every week is going to be a good week, but every week has the potential to be a good week!

    1. thanks Kay! I definitely took all these straight off my pinterest and I forgot how useful they are. time to get my butt in gear because this week will be a good one :)

      xoxo, Amanda