Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Picture Post

So I got this idea after referring to Kay's list of things to blog about when you don't know what to blog about. So here it is.

Today I present to you drum roll please the last 10 pictures on my phone.

I have a habit of saving my snapchats. But this was a glorious day.

I don't know if I can tell you why I have a picture of baby Amanda on my phone. But I do, so that's cool. btw, I was a total boss.

bar crawl. nuff said :)

oh hey college graduation.

You know how they take your picture after you walk across the stage? This is mine. I think I'm hilarious, my mother, not so much. It's an empty folder! What do you expect me to do?!
We talk about Frozen. A lot.

My Maid of Honor dress! IT HAS POCKETS!

All road trips call for Starbucks. And obligatory picture of said coffee beverage.

Again with the memes.

doggy selfie.

Well that was exciting. I definitely got a kick out of some of the pictures I had in my phone. Does anyone else have weird pictures on their phone? or an insane amount of selfies?

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  1. First, I love your maid of honor dress! You look amazing :) Second, HOW NEAT IS THAT!

    xo. Kailagh