Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sunday Social -- A Link Up

                                                 Sunday Social

It's that time of week again! Sunday Social! I absolutely adore this link up and love doing it! So lets get right to it:

1. When do you take time for you?
I've been having a lot of me time since graduating. But when I was still in college, I would get my me time by either going to the gym, binge watching Netflix or Harry Potter, or by my all time favorite me time activity, bubble bath with a bottle of wine. Its been known to happen on more than one occasion, and is definitely the best way to get me feeling great again.

2. What do you find to be your biggest weakness?
I'm a settler. I settle for good even though their may be something better. This especially happened in school. I was content getting decent grades where if I tried I could have done so much better. I've definitely settled for jobs or how much jobs pay me.

3. What is your biggest attribute?
I'm passionate about what I want to do. I am so absolutely in love with my field and my major and I can't wait to get into it.

4. What is your favorite place to shop online?
Honestly, amazon. or etsy. or forever21 mainly because there wasn't a store where I went to school.

5. What is your favorite place to kill time?

But in actuality, this tiny little coffee house in the town where I went to school, Kailagh was a barista there and it was a great place to go and sit for hours on end procrastinating and gossiping.

There it is! This weeks edition of The Sunday Social! happy weekend to all :)

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