Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hey! I'm still here!

Hello! Hi! Yes, I'm still here. I got a little caught up in our annual Snofest. So, here is a quick post about what this week has been like for me. (aka un-friggin-believable)
This was the week's schedule
So the past three years, I competed on a team. My freshman year, we were a team of 4 girls who had no clue what SnoFest was truly about or what we had just gotten ourselves into, but through determination and a lot of questionable acts, we placed in third. I don't mean to brag, but we basically changed the game of SnoFest through our pure badassery.

The following year, we joined forces with another mostly freshman team and became a SnoFest powerhouse. We won almost every event, kicked butt in the scavenger hunt and ended up coming in first place! I have never celebrated so hard in my life. I will forever have Yacht Club in my blood.

Before SnoFest 2012, I barely knew any of the people on my team, but after that, this group of people became my best friends and since then, they're people I will always have in my life, and memories I could never forget. So obviously, we stayed Yacht Club for our junior year, but under a new name: Yacht Club 2.0

This year, we only placed in second, but still exploded champagne bottles when we were announced. That is true team pride. Through these past four years, I have done some unreal things, things that I would never imagine myself doing anywhere else. Including wrestling in both goo and baby oil (which is incredibly disgusting in both the mouth and the eyes), rode a mechanical bull, did chicken fighting in a lab coat, and overall had the best experience of my life. So, naturally when it came to my senior year, it was time for me to be on the other end of the competition... A judge!

Being a judge was honestly the craziest experience of my life. I can't even put into words how the week was. Nor can I really write about it because honestly, what happens during SnoFest, stays at SnoFest.

Oh, and did I mention, all of this is sponsered by our Student Association? Man, I love college!
Does anyone else's college have anything like SnoFest? I wanna hear about it! Or just any crazy experiences in general!

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