Wednesday, June 4, 2014

humpday confessions

I'm brand new to this link up, but here it is! The humpday link up with Vodka and Soda!

Vodka and Soda

And boy do I have some confessions :)

1. I miss college already. Its been 2.5 weeks. I want to go back.

2. It has officially been 4 years since I graduated high school. I don't miss it. I never want to go back.

3. I'm still addicted to tinder and I may or may not have met a pretty great guy (news to follow if all goes well.)

4. I've been having dreams about camp every night. this is going to make for a long 9 days.

5. I've accepted that I am probably the only single person in blogland. and I'm okay with it.

6. I will forever and always love frozen.

7. I'm obsessed with using gifs. #sorrynotsorry

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  1. I'm single and old! Woohoo!
    And yes to Frozen foreva!

  2. HAHAH I love the gifs!! Esp.the balls in the face one!! Too freakin' funny- and great movie hahah!!! ;D XOXO


  3. gifs make a post so awesome. there are a lot of single ladies here in blog land *insert beyonce all the single ladies gif here*

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  4. I am kind of jealous of people who get to use Tinder- it is like this fun game I don't get to play. But i don't think my boyfriend would appreciate that logic.

  5. There are quite a few lovely ladies I follow who are single :) You're not the only one!

    And I LOVE Frozen!