Monday, March 24, 2014

That time I tried a Pinterest Hair Style

I. Love. Pinterest. I spend more time there than probably any other website. I am unashamed of this fact. I have gotten a bunch of super good recipes, some helpful make up tips and even a few hairstyles or styling tricks. Last night I decided to try a new one and thought I would document it. 

Here's the idea: put a headband on your head and wrap your hair around it over night.
Side note -- I would totally modify this for an actual hairstyle

Then it was bed time. lets see how it is in the morning!
good morning!
my hair was still a little wet, so I did some blow drying with cold air to help set. unfortunately I don't think it helped.

I forgot to snap a pic of my next attempt... but my hair was more Medusa than beautiful curls. So I took matters into my own hands and fixed it up with my 1.25" curling iron. 
I think we can come to the conclusion that this pinterest attempt did not work. My theory: I didn't let it sit long enough and I have long thick hair. Thank God for curling irons and a little bit of curling gel.

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  1. I was going to try this the other day! I love how your hair looks at the end though.

    xo. Kailagh

  2. I tried this and it failed, mine also resembled medusa! I took so long fixing it that I might as well have just curled it using tongs, I'd hoped to just whip the headband off and have nice curls!

    1. Sorry meant I tried it from pinterest and it failed not your fault!

  3. I tried this as well and I did NOT like the way that it made my hair look. I was really disappointed...however I have mastered the curling with a straight iron thanks to pinterest!

  4. I saw this once, and considered it for about 2 minutes. My hair, at the time, was really really long and it's pretty thick so it takes a while to air dry. So I was pretty sure that my hair would still be really damp and not hold the wave or curl. But I did find one that works better and is easier for longer hair. Although I usually always half dry my hair first.