Friday, March 7, 2014

Rose. Bud. Thorn.

Well, here is another link up with TOATS because I absolutely love her blog and she is always hosting great link ups. (why did I not find these sooner?!) 

So this one is all about the pits and the peaks of the week... well at camp, we do this thing that's pretty similar called rose, bud. thorn. The rose is whatever was awesome or great or neat or cool or any other equally positive adjectives. The bud is something that you're looking forward to or are excited for. The thorn is the not so great part of the week.

Alright. Here we go:

Thorn-- I'm in a funk. I don't know what it is or why, but this week has put me in a serious funk. Real life is creeping closer and closer. My friends one by one are slowly starting to get into relationships, and I'm flying more solo than ever. And winter has been WAY TOO LONG (and cold) and frankly, its not helping the seasonal depression. (can I just get like an IV drip of Vitamin D?)

Rose-- I had a very relaxing spring break. (one of two) I had a Harry Potter marathon, drank plenty of wine, cooked some amazing meals, lots of baths - with wine of course - and I started working out this week! I've had a lot of time to collect myself and my thoughts and work more on the blog. And I've been fighting this funk like a boss.
spinach feta onion and garlic tart --- YUM! 

breaded and baked chicken breast with asparagus glazed in a red wine. --- also YUM

Bud-- I applied for my first big kid job this week! There was an online application, and they got back to me asking to fill out a skills inventory and even discussed some hiring potential. It may not be too promising because of my inconvenient start date, but I wrote my first ever cover letter!!! I have never felt like such an adult in my life! I'm excited to fill out more job applications and to see where I end up come September! :) 
I'm also super pumped about blogging and have been getting more and more active and absolutely loving this community. All of you are great and I can't wait to just do more awesome bloggy things!

So this has been my week... but seriously, if anyone has any recommendations on how to get out of these deep winter funks, help a girl out!

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